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iPhone 5C - find the best deals on an Apple iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

What is an iPhone 5C?

Released in September 2013, the iPhone 5C is not the cheap version of the iPhone 5 that was expected prior to launch but is instead a cool and colourful premium iPhone that looks and feels great. It's also a little less susceptible to damage than the glass and metal 5S. Other than the hip new plastic case, the iPhone 5C is very similar to the iPhone 5 - same processor, same camera but a better battery. If you don't need all the bells and whistles of the iPhone 5S then the cheaper price and attractive, durable design may be a better option for you.

Latest deals we've found on new iPhone 5C:

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB/ 16GB /32GB Smartphone Unlocked 4G LTE

Buy Apple iPhone 5C 8GB/ 16GB /32GB Smartphone Unlocked 4G LTE

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Secondhand iPhone 5C phones

We have also searched eBay to find the best deals on secondhand iPhone 5C. These may include some refurbished and nearly new items, as well as secondhand. You will find some iPhone bargains here...

iphone 5c unlocked 8gb used

iphone 5c unlocked 8gb used picture
Sale ends 31mins

Unlocked iPhone 5c Pink - Excellent condition fully functional Nice Phone

Unlocked iPhone 5c Pink - Excellent condition fully functional Nice Phone picture
Sale ends 19h 33mins

Apple iPhone 5c - 8GB - Pink - (Unlocked) - A1532 - (GSM) - FOR PARTS

Apple iPhone 5c - 8GB - Pink - (Unlocked) - A1532 - (GSM) - FOR PARTS picture
Sale ends 16h 23mins

Used iPhone 5c

Used iPhone 5c picture
Sale ends 21h 12mins
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Should I buy one?

ProsConsAlso consider
  • Everything you need in one device - phone, iPod, camera, email, web browser, GPS
  • Fantastic user interface and great touch screen display make it a pleasure to use
  • Looks and feels great (if you like the colour)
  • Not as cheap as it was expected to be - the iPhone 5S isn't much more money
  • Can't replace the battery yourself if it fails
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • iPhone 5S
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

What do I need to know?

Cool and funky version of the iPhone without the new features of the iPhone 5S (fingerprint recognition, new processor & motion sensor) but a very solid performer with a distinctive design and some improvements on the iPhone 5.

Where can I buy one?

There are two ways to buy an iPhone 5C - as part of a contract with a network such as Vodafone or O2 (either directly from the network or through as reseller such as Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4 U or Dial A Phone) or to buy it outright and buy your phone service/SIM card separately. Amazon and eBay are good places to find cheap deals on iPhones for outright purchase. We have put together an iPhone 5C price comparison page checking prices from all these sources to find the best deals for you.

What about secondhand iPhones?

Secondhand can be an attractive option, saving you the initial depreciation that happens as soon as you open the box, and if you buy a fairly new secondhand one, all the manufacturer's warranty will still be in place so you will be fully covered in the event of any faults. If you're prepared to go slightly older, you can often pick up some real bargains with last year's model going for a fraction of it's original price. eBay is of course one of the best places to find secondhand iPhone bargains and we have created a page that searches eBay for you to find the best deals on secondhand iPhone 5C for sale. Our unique filtering system trawls through the eBay database selecting only the most relevant offers and best deals to save you time.

More information

For a very detailed look at the iPhone, the different models, technology and development, take a look at this great Wikipedia article on the iPhone.